Sfiso Myeni "The League must be played to finish"

Q: How did you end up at TS Sporting? 

Sfiso Myeni: It was a call from Goalkeeper Coach Mayoyo and I was not sure on the move until Chairman Thobela called me, He spoke to me like a father and convinced me to join the team. I think also being active at Kasi Tournament helped. 

Q: How were you welcomed? 

Sfiso Myeni: The club was very welcoming and it was so good because you know its difficult moving from teams to teams with different  environment but it was good here. 

Q: How was the team before Covid-19 and how are you dealing with the current situation? 

Sfiso Myeni: The team was doing well we nearly qualified for Nedbank Cup semis. As for this pandemic year, I think it's just mental strength and the mind set because its different situation but I take it like what I have faced past years with no football but strong mentally is very key for me. 

Q: How are you keeping fit during Lockdown? 

Sfiso Myeni: I was keeping fit on my own but the team went  out of it's way to organize a zoom session and program for us while we see each other as players which is very good. 

Q: How should the PSL deal with last 6 games of the 2019/2020 season? 

Sfiso Myeni: We are facing a huge challenge in the world with Covid-19 so I think we should put life first. But finish the League and also try to play like how MDC was playing, festival style from Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All games played in one area while teams are in camps like your pre season type and have testing with proper hygiene. 

Q: What have you learned about yourself during this Lockdown?

Sfiso Myeni: I have learned a lot hey, more time to myself and how to use it effectively like reading books.

Q: What is the first thing you will do when Lockdown is done?

Sfiso Myeni: My plan is to visit my grandmother and give her a very big hug and kiss. 

Q: What is your message to other players especially youngsters? 

Sfiso Myeni: All I can say is they must keep on believing in their dreams and never give up on them and they must always stay focus keep working hard and they must take this situation turn it into a positive. I believe something good will come out in this crisis we all are facing as a country. Thank you so much for this opportunity. 

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