"My prayer is that we're allowed back at the stadium during Lockdown Level 3"

TS Sporting supporter Vusi Nkuna who was born in Pienaar kaMsogwaba, 11 kilometers away from Kabokweni Stadium talk to us about Covid-19 effects. When Vusi is not supporting TS Sporting he is preventing crime in around Nelspruit as an employee of SAPS. Like any other football fan in South Africa he has two marriages his wife and his team (TS Sporting). 

Q: How did Covid-19 affect you as football supporter? 

 Vusi Nkuna: As you know that I am a die hard supporter of TS SPORTING my weekends are no longer the same due to COVID-19. I used to wake up every weekend wash my car wear My TS regalia go to wherever TS is playing. Now we're bout to stay at home with nothing to do but for the sake of saving life one has to understand. My only prayer is that on Level 3 of Lockdown the government allow us to go back to the stadium and do what we do best supporting TS Sporting. That's just my wish but in current conditions I don't think it will be possible. 

Q: What will be the best solution for PSL games on the current season? 

 Vusi Nkuna: Personally I think the best solution is to nullify the league and start over next season because of time frames. Look if we go back we will have back to back games that might have a negative impact on players with more injuries an fatigues. 

Q: Who is your favourite player? 

Vusi Nkuna:  Now you're putting my head on the block but I love all my players but if i had to choose one it has to be jersey No 12 Madala Nkosi, he was there when the team was formed and he still there I respect his level of discipline. 

Q: Lastly your parting words to the team? 

Vusi Nkuna: Firstly I will say thank u to TS Sporting Chairman, you're the Best Chair I ever met in the world of football, the support you give us as supporters is amazing we really appreciate you and your family. 

Our players need to know that the war has not yet started, we about to start it after Covid-19 we need to grind for every 3 point on our way ,we love you guys stay focus and keep working hard indoors. 

Lastly to our Management thank you for supporting us as supporters at all times, we really appreciate the work you doing for the team behind the scenes, it shows that you have the best intrest in your heart for the team. Bopha TS  Fasa Abanthu Bomthetho.